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Gift Box

A great way for people to discover the best-selling lambics in the USA.

The Lindemans Gift Box

We’ve made it easy: the Lindemans Gift Box has one
25.4 oz. bottle each of Pêche (peach), and Framboise
(raspberry) - the best-selling lambic in the US. Wild-yeast
fermentation adds deep complexity to the brilliant real fruit
aroma and flavors found here. The box is full-color, heavy
“litho-lam” cardboard with open diecut to showcase two bottles,
and two gold-rimmed, color-logo stemmed glasses.

Experience a range of fruit lambics - Belgian ales fermented with wild yeast - from this family-owned brewery established in 1822. It's a great gift: these beers are so tasty and unique that Lindemans are the best-selling lambics in the US.


Framboise - Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean taste.

Peche -Golden in color; with a nose that fills the room with fresh peaches. Sparkling, crisp and refreshing balance of fruit and complexity from wild yeast.


Product Sizes and Quantities

  • 25.4 ounce (750 ml) bottles / 2 bottles per Gift Box, 2 glasses per Gift Box/ 4 Gift Boxes per case


Framboise - ABV: 2.5% - OG: 1.050 - IBU: 12

Peche - ABV: 2.5% - OG: 1.056 - IBU: 10


Lindemans Sampler Pack

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