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WHAT IS THE "SAMUEL SMITH SALUTE"? The Samuel Smith Salute is an annual promotion, held in April, to recognize and celebrate this iconic British brewery.

CAN I BUY BREWERY GLASSWARE OR WEARABLES? (Updated 10-31-2013) We regret the inconvenience, but our website e-store is closed at this time: we can't sell brewery glassware or wearables to you until further notice.

WHY ARE YOU CALLED MERCHANT DU VIN? DO YOU SELL WINE? Prior to creating Merchant du Vin our founder had been among the country's leading wine importers and marketers. He originally envisioned importing both beer and wine under the MdV label and in fact did import some wine in the late 1970s. However, for most of our over-thirty-year history we have been exclusively an importer of the world's finest beers. We added Samuel Smith's Organic Cider to our portfolio in 2007.

WHY AREN'T SOME OF YOUR IMPORT BRANDS AVAILABLE IN MY STATE? In most cases this is due to specific state regulations which may prohibit the sale of products of certain alcohol content, or certain size packages.

CAN I BUY YOUR BEER DIRECTLY FROM YOU? No. Several regulations prohibit us from selling beer directly to consumers. We have distributors throughout the United States and Canada who deliver to licensed bars, restaurants, and stores; please use our Find Our Beer feature to find a US retailer near you.

CAN YOU IMPORT A FEW CASES OF XYZ BEER FOR ME? Any beer imported to the United States is subject to several label registration and licensing requirements. Further, we are not allowed to sell beer directly to consumers. Therefore it unfortunately is not possible for us to meet these requests.

CAN I GET A COASTER/LABEL OF MY FAVORITE BEER FROM YOU? Though these items are not always in stock, we will try to accommodate all requests. However, due to the volume of requests we receive, it may take us several weeks. To expedite the process please send a self-addressed stamped envelope. Also please note that we can send labels or coasters only to US addresses.

I AM SEEKING A DONATION TO A CHARITY OR EVENT THAT BENEFITS A CHARITY - WILL MERCHANT DU VIN MAKE A DONATION? We'll consider your request, but we ask you to read this 484 KB .pdf and follow the procedures.

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